Thursday, May 24, 2012

sbase data management software version 2.0.1

Sbase data management Software for all West Bengal High and Junior High School
My name is Suman Biswas. I am a software engineer in Suman Soft Com. Recently my company developed a new Data management software namely "Sbase" ( it is the abbreviation of school database). West Bengal government is trying to make all school or government office computerized. As an example every month every school submit their salary statement by a 32 columns printed statement and 8 columns Excel statement CD. Hand writing G.P.F sheets are not accepted by the office. They want totally accurate computerized year wish calculation sheets. I know it is impossible to calculate the accurate G.P.F interest by hand. Just imagine if you have a software by which you will be calculate it automatically. How nice it will be. Another example now this days each staff wants their yearly salary statement. It is very hard to write it by hand for each staff. It can be solved by software. Certificate generation, admit card generation, Student fees ledger, Library functions, student database, staff database and so on. Suman Soft com developed the "Sbase" software to make your school office completely computerized. One software for 2 to 100 computers. If your are not well computer literate, no problem our professional engineers teach you and the training is free of cost. We always with you.
Now this days their are 100 of this type of software. So why you choose us.
1. We always ready to redesign our software according your need. If you need any new features to your software, we will develop it with in a week. But no other software vendor will do it, because they seal a package software and they have no option to change this package after seal.
2. We provide 60 hours training without any cost. In my carrier I never saw any software company provide 60 hours free of cost training.
3. If any new features add or changes by West Bengal Government with in 12 months after purchase our software. We are ready to supply you the new features with your existing software free of cost. I think no other company have this type of conditions.
3. Cost of our software is INR Rs. 24999/- ( Twenty four thousand nine hundred ninty nine only). Other company offer approx.INR RS. 40000/- ( Forty thousand). If you pay us Rs. 45000 (Forty five thousand) we will give you "Sbase" software with one high speed computer with LED Monitor worth Rs. 22499/- and a 3 in 1 Color Printer ( Printer + Scaner + Copy) worth Rs. 3850/- and a 3G Mobile Broad band worth Rs. 2100/-.
Now take a look of our "Sbase" Software version 2.0.1
Features of this version
1.Offline Database system2.Student Data collection
3.Staff Data collection4.Montly Salary Statement
5.Yearly Salary Statement for each staff6.Yearly salary Satatement for all staff
7.Automatic G.P.F. calculation8.G.P.F. Print for each staff/year
9.Pay Slip Generator10.Student information sheet print
11.Diffrent caste wish student list12.Staff information sheet print
13.Fees payment14.Print fees bill
15.Automatic or manual Admit Card maker16.Computerized certificate maker
17.Students Fees Ledger18.Book information Database
19.Library Card Maker20.Computerized book issue to student
21.Library information maintain22.Upload or download letter format
23.Upload or download notice format24.Upload or download Examination Schedule
25.Easy information search26.Easy to learn easy to use
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